Good day! This is Marcella Smeele of the company Synergy For Music. I’m glad you want to visit my website.

Did you know only 33% makes a living out of gigs? And only 22% makes a living out of teaching music? What would be the worst thing that could happen if you don’t have a music business?

As you can read making a living out of music is not obvious. Synergy For Music helps musicians and artists to build and maintain their music business.

Therefore we offer you services to provide knowledge about:

  • who is your fan
  • where do you find your fans
  • who is your competition
  • your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • how to expand your fanbase
  • what your goal is and the steps to achieve it
  • which products and service you can offer to fans
  • the price you can charge
  • the place you can offer your products and services
  • who your partnerships are
  • how to attract fans with the right content
  • where to promote your music
  • what is it you want in your career
  • how to get gigs
  • how to create awareness for your music
  • how to find the right network
  • how to communicate with clients
  • what your USP is
  • how to make a digital press kit
  • how to make a marketing campaign
  • how to sell yourself
  • how to keep yourself motivated
  • how to keep your stress level low

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