Music and brands

In December 2014 Thierry van Engelen (Director Digital & Brand Partnerships of Universal Music) talked about music and brands in the Netherlands with

He says: “The market for physical products has been halved but there is a huge growth in the digital market. The way consumers get music has changed but the reasons remains the same: because music is fun. Brands can benefit here, and that’s why we have added a component to the organization: Universal Music & Brands. The targets where Universal Music & Brands can help to acquire new customers, retain existing customers and an optimal brand experience through content marketing.”

With this development there is a new element emerged in the earnings of the artist. Sponsoring in currency combined with events is in the Netherlands (also abroad) very common. Lowlands this year is sponsored by Heineken and the Lovebox festival in London is sponsored by Corona Extra. Sponsorship in currency in combination with artists is more common abroad than in the Netherlands.

How is it possible that the Netherlands is not as advanced in this area as countries abroad? It has, I think, due to three reasons:
– Dutch artists are sober and have the mindset “act normal, than you’re crazy enough”. This will lead to artists who are afraid to ask for what they need.
– Artists don’t know what plan they should prepare to get sponsorship in currency
– Or the sponsorship proposal of artists is not interesting enough for the brand

The most important part of a sponsorship plan is that you have insight into what the brand / company does and what their mission and vision is. It is also important to give the company a clear view of how you can contribute to the objective of their business. The greater the value and success of a sponsorship plan, the more likely it is that the company wants to invest money. Also it helps if you can pre-measure the added value. Finally, patience, empathy and perseverance are important features for getting a sponsor.

Source: Marketingtribune, Pixabay

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