Case Study Female Singer-Songwriter

A female Singer-Songwriter with Pop / Country songs. She started singing when she was 13 years old. It was then when she found out music could be a great ally to express herself and connect with other people that were going through the same struggles. She participated in several talent shows such as Idols and The Voice to show herself to the world. It was a great way to get brand awareness but in the end she knew the talent shows were not her path. Now she was 23 years old and she wants to follow and create her own path. A path that met her needs.


The Challenge
Learn in one day to define her specific goal, how she can sell her goal and how she can reach her goal

Key Features
– 1-on-1 coaching in an offline environment

– A specific goal
– A new beginning for her career
– To be able to sell herself
– A roadmap to reach her goal
– A blueprint for her career