The life of an artist or musician can be very lonely. Everyone wants something from you or people already have an opinion about you. It makes it hard to discuss the challenging situations in your life and career. Who do you turn to, to ask your questions about your life and career?

I am Marcella Smeele (29) and I help people within the music industry who are facing a challenging situation and want to discover new possibilities in their life and career.

I give people in the music industry:
– a safe environment where they can tell their story to a loyal person who really listens to their needs
– a structure to build their business on
– provide clarity in a chaotic situation
– transparent information about the music industry
– a check on their personal life and business life
– possibilities to think beyond their comfortzone
– a check whether they are still on the right track

Marcella Smeele: “Music is my passion, I am a devoted person with perseverance. I think beyond the challenge. I get satisfaction by motivating and inspire artists and musicians to see new possibilities in their life and career.”

Background story
“In my younger years (13 years old) I felt the need to offer something specific for artists and musicians. It began with arranging gigs. This succeeded and got word of mouth from one artist to other artists. When I was 19 years old I did the education Media and Entertainment Management with the specialization Artist Management.”

“During my education I worked a lot with artists and musicians on a wider level such as arranging contracts to gigs, websites to Social Media, sponsordeals to worthwhile collaborations.”

“After my education artists asked me questions about new business models in the music industry. So I started to investigate those questions. I did this by doing a course at Berklee College of Music (Boston, U.S.), analyzing top artist case studies and making marketing and business models for artists. In my recent years (23 years old – now) I made marketing and business models for artists.”

“I also noticed artists and musicians were looking for a person who they can trust and talk to without any preconceptions, so I am there for those artists and musicians who are facing a challenging situation and want to discover new possibilities in their life and career.”

2016 – now: Music Marketing Consultant & Coach
2015 – 2016: Business Coach
2013 – 2015: Music Social Media Marketer
2010 – 2013: Music Marketer
2006 – 2010: Artist Manager
2001 – 2005: Booker
1987 – 2001: Music lover

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