I am sad to give the last Masterclass tomorrow for artists, musicians, songwriters, producers, managers this year in Groningen! If you want to join this last Masterclass, see the link for more details about the Masterclass: https://www.facebook.com/events/1582308368731173/

It’s about getting more awareness and music assignments. I have done 8 masterclasses this fall. It has been a very pleasant trip through the country and I want to thank everybody who supports me and everybody who joined the Masterclasses. I wasn’t able to do this without you.

Love to all the artists, musicians, songwriters, producers, managers, supporters! It’s you who have made it worth it. I hope I have answered your questions and you achieve the things you want to achieve. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey, you can be proud of the things you already achieved!

But I have a special surprise for all those people, in the upcoming week I will tell you more about it. Stay tuned!