In 2014, an old school of Erdal College in Emmen (Netherlands) had a special opportunity. They received a professional recording of their first single, in one of the largest mobile studios in the world.

The particular sound studio is the “John Lennon Education Tour”. They converted a truck into a complete music studio, to be able to record a song. They go to various locations. The goal here is to offer young people a chance to record their music. A super fun and innovative idea for artists to start recording their music go on an out-of-the-box way.

The recording process remains a magical moment in the career of an artist. Moreover, if it’s good, all the creativity together will lead to a final product. Before the studio recording starts, the artist must choose a suitable music studio. How are you going to choose the best music studio for your situation? A common question among artists.

Before choosing the recording studio you should consider the following situations:
– What is your budget?
– Would you like to record your music in your own studio or in an external studio?
– Are there certain pieces that only can be recorded only in an external studio?

Based on these answers, you can choose a sound studio, a private recording studio or a mix of both. If you decide to record your whole music or in parts in an external recording studio, choose a music studio with lots of experience, good references, special facilities, special concept, quality equipment, a good producer and good technicians.

So start looking for a lot of background information about the studio. Your music can be so good, but if it doesn’t come across well on a CD or MP3, this will affect the sale of your music. Therefore, it’s an essential choice that you have to weigh up what decision you will make.

Source: RTV Drenthe

Recently I was approached by a singer with questions about the distribution of her music. There are many uncertainties and questions about this topic.

Simple questions like “How do I get my music on iTunes and Spotify?” And “How do I get paid for my uploads on channels like Soundcloud and YouTube?” I hear regularly in past interviews with artists and performing musicians. As always, prior to an individual opinion I called the person in question to obtain more information and to simultaneously make an appointment with her.

We met at the appointed time and place and she told me in more detail about her ambition to distribute her recordings. The core of this question, many people don’t know the conditions under which and through which the parties this music distribution could be realized. During the meeting I asked her about herself and her music. So I had a better overview of who she is and what she wants. I also had a number of questions so I could better meet her expectations. After all, to give good personal advice I need to have insights about the target audience, objectives and the kind of music that this person makes.

Based on the above criteria I explained what the options are and I advised her on the most suitable options. I made a self-made list of all distribution channels, aggregators and music platforms to show her how it works. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each party. It works pleasing and organized to have this list. You can analyze what suits your wishes. The artists receives a fair and transparent insight into the various possibilities of music distribution.

Here examples of online music distributors:
– CD Baby
– Tunecore
– Ditto Music
– Distrokid

This singer told me that she understands that she needs support in some areas to move forward in her career, it was a good investment in her music career. Afterwords she was very pleased with our conversation. She liked that she received answers to questions that she walked around with for so long.

She was very outspoken and she know now what steps shey should take to continue to progress in her career as a performing artist. Her reaction afterwords: “Thanks again for the useful information and links. I found the conversation in one word functional, I felt supported in my quest in this digital environment and also in general. I have finally gotten directions and got answers. Now I can make the next steps in my music career!”

I know this singer will make great steps in her music career, she has the right mindset (investing in herself with time and money) to achieve what she wants. Synergy For Music is here for those artists, musicians, dj’s and bands.

Do you know how to get your music on iTunes and Spotify? Or do you have other questions about music distribution and music marketing, email me on to get more information.