There are numerous objectives for artists who come or want to come tour the U.S. for the first time, and based on what your objective is could greatly determine the approach(s) that you take in regards to ALL Touring Variables and planning, as well a expectations, in order to achieve whatever the specific goal is (or not) that you want to achieve while here in the U.S.

For example: You could have been asked to play a “one-off”, a single gig at a Festival and you only have the means (time/money) to play that one gig, and being that it is such a huge festival and you have limited time and resources for this gig, you probably want to put most of your focus on two things:

1) Publicizing the hell out of this gig on your social media outlets so that the entire world knows that you are doing it so in turn to get greater attention and hits to your website, iTunes, etc., and that the social media reach to the world thinks that this is a big deal (possibly bigger than it is) and in turn thinks you are too, and in turn gives you more time and attention during the time period of and easing up to the show, and if you are smart immediately following this one-off show with a tour or tours in the areas where you seem to have received the most interest geographically via your social media efforts as well as you email sign-up list. If you don’t have a very obvious space on your website and Facebook, where people can sign-up with their emails adress, and in turn be in touch with your band and your bands activities in the ay of touring music releases, new videos, etc. stop here, do not read any further, and don’t even talk to me. Email addresses equal Money, community, fans, growth, and more – it is the first thing I MAKE any band that I work with or manage do, adamantly, on-line and at the shows at the front door of the venue, the merchandise table and have a pretty girl walking around the show asking people to sign-up on the bands email list to be notified of future activities, release, tours and when they are playing in their home towns again in the future. If you are not doing this, unless you are already Pearl jam (and even they do it) you are wasting your time and your band and fans time, as you will go forward very slowly if at all without it.

2) You might be part of a package or tour package line-up that you are touring around the U.S. with in which case certain concerns like travel expenses and meals are already covered for you and your band so all you really need to focus on is connecting with your fans, playing well, building relationships with the other bands members and their managers/tour managers (relationships are most important in this industry), as well as relationships with the people who are putting on the tours and their sponsors, as these will all come in handy down the road as your band grows and/or these people, will help you to grow by taking you with them the next time they do this tour but perhaps giving you better billing and more dates.

3) But probably the most typical scenario is that you and your mates decide to tour the U.S. because you want to “break” your band in that country/market and want to establish a fan base and build relationships obviously because its fun, but more importantly so that you can build the business of your band as the beginning of a move towards success and financial gain so that you can turn your dreams into reality by playing and doing what you like with your life, and getting paid for it and in turn paying the bills, etc. That said, your first U.S. tour you probably won’t make much or any money, and that’s OK, as long as you focus your eye on and make the goal to build a fan base and get as known in every single place that you play in the U.S. as possible. Now, if you don’t have a record label deal or a sponsor, or a rich father willing to give you tons of money to spend on a tour, which a lot of first time U.S. touring artists will not have, then you are paying for everything yourself. This will be most of you reading this writing. In which case your objective should be to focus on all of these following things, and not lose any money or only a little money. As long as you even just break-even, and on some level achieve the following, you should consider your first U.S. tour a success:

Oh, and I can not emphasize this more, create as much lead time as possible in planning, launching and promoting your tour as far in advance as possible, and keeping consistent with social media and connecting personally through Facebook, etc. with potential fans, fans, venues and especially other bands so that by the time you arrive in that U.S. city to play your gig in, people know you and you have a relationship with them and the groundwork/foundation is already in place, and all that you have to do is deliver a good performance, be friendly/giving/and available to talk and hangout with all of these people (as this is a business of relationships, remember), and then you have created in your first tour, all of which – usually unaware, lazy or ill advised artists will typically not achieve until their second tour. By doing these things before-hand you have set yourself up for success as long as your band is any good, and you can then as soon as you return to the Netherlands/Europe start corresponding with and following with these people who you made new relationships with and this is an even now stronger foundation and fan base.

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Er zijn diverse redenen voor artiesten om in Amerika te gaan touren. Op basis van jouw reden kun je jouw benadering definiëren. Deze benadering komt tot uiting in o.a. je planning en je verwachtingen.

Bijvoorbeeld: Je bent gevraagd voor een eenmalig optreden op een Amerikaans festival en je hebt alleen de tijd en het geld voor dat eenmalige optreden. Dan wil je je focus houden op 3 dingen:

1) Het verzorgen van publicaties rondom dit optreden, vooral op Social Media. Zo weet de hele wereld wat je aan het doen bent en hierdoor krijg je meer aandacht naar bijv. je website e.d. Hierdoor kun je dat ene optreden meer tijd en aandacht geven dan alleen dat moment van het optreden zelf. Probeer in hetzelfde gebied andere optredens te plannen. Zo kun je verhalen en/of foto’s, video’s plaatsen van de voorbereidingen die je aan het doen bent. Zorg er voor dat je merchandise verkoopt tijdens het optreden.

2) Het is ook belangrijk om focus te houden op de band met je fans, andere bandleden en hun managers, de festivalorganisator, sponsors. Zij kunnen er namelijk voor zorgen dat je nog meer gaat groeien en wie weet kun je door hen meerdere optredens in Amerika krijgen.

3) Jij wilt misschien doorbreken in Amerika en inkomsten binnen krijgen. In het begin zul je weinig geld verdienen en dat is ok. Zolang je je focus houdt op het bouwen van een fanbase. Ook is het belangrijk om bekendheid te krijgen op zo veel mogelijk plekken in Amerika. Als je geen label of sponsor hebt voor de tour, dan zul je zelf alles moeten betalen. Houd er rekening mee dat je weinig verlies draait of gelijk speelt aan de uitgaven.

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